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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Work continues at Devonshire Tunnel

Wed 24 Mar 10, and, despite the dreary weather, the Hope Clay diggers continue apace. Working in tandem, this YouTube video shows how one digger removes spoil from the tunnel portal and the other moves it back towards the spoil heap.


Matthew Holbrook said...

These updates are great Frank. Thanks for doing them. And it's wonderful to see real work happening on the ground at last! Although some people are getting a bit ahead of themselves. Someone in the office on Tuesday said they were planning to take a group of kids cycling through the two tunnels during the Easter holidays! Unless they've got a time machine it's obviously not going to be Easter 2010.

stan mayer said...

Nice one Frank. It seems to be moving a long just right, all the best to you, and the team

Anonymous said...

Oh, yipee, soon no more Midford hill for me, tired arms and aching legs. Some flat terrain I often beg

That tunnel portal soon laid bare, points the way to the 9F's lair. A gentle incline for my bike, oh please I can't wait, you guys (and gals) just got it right.

What crappy poetry you may say no wonder the Robin flew away.

I'm remaining anonymous for obvious reasons after that, but very well done :-)