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Monday, 1 March 2010

More stirrings: this time Linear Park

We didn't expect this. A litter pick organised by an Oldfield Park community group on a threateningly wet and chilly Sunday afternoon dragged improbable amounts of crap from the historic collection of litter between the Dartmouth Avenue and Monksdale Road bridge sites.

This would have been an unpleasant and expensive job for a three person council crew. Split between about thirty people armed with litter pickers the afternoon flew past.

The result: well,  you wouldn't say the section was clean enough to eat off, but it's certainly far more of a credit to the locality, and more wildlife friendly too. Some people say Oldfield Park is ugly. It's certainly not, and Linear Park offers all sorts of perspectives on the city, a tour of suburban Bath cuts to rooftop views of Georgian Crescents and then a close shave with one of the UK's finest italianate churches.

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