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Friday, 29 March 2013

23 March 2013 - Volunteer Planting at Devonshire Tunnel

A bunch of volunteers were got together to plant the south side of Devonshire Tunnel cutting to ensure stability of the bank, form a screen for local houses and provide pollinating plants and shrubs for current and future generations to enjoy.


Laura said...


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who pitches in for this kind of thing. I'm a professional dog walker and as you can imagine this project is a godsend for me, not just cyclists!

It means we have great, non road access to many parts of Bath and is also a really useful route when the weather is awful.

Also glad to see there's finally signs saying 'dogs on leashes'. As a dog walker I thoroughly approve for everyones safety and comfort.

I have two questions.

Is there any plans to vary the music in tunnel two? :0)
Much as I love it, it'd be nice to hear a change once in a while.

More importantly, is there any plans to put any kind of bins, or dog waste bins along the tunnel path, perhaps one between the two tunnels?

Firstly it would be very handy... especially when like me you walk several dogs at once.

Secondly I hope it might encourage people to clear up after themselves. There's nothing worse than dog mess in the tunnels. Its hard to see and I have on more than one occasion been 'splattered' by a passing bike.. yuk!

Best wishes

franktompson said...

Hi Laura,

Glad you and your dogs are enjoying the path :-), particularly as you and your dogs, like everyone that uses that path should be, are under control and being considerate to others.

The music is part of the combined artwork called 'Passage', designed by United Visual Artists (UVA) and, at present, at least, there are no plans to change it.

Following the latest advice on the matter, bins specifically for dog waste, are no longer required and provided by The Council, but are combined with general waste and litter. In the current climate, finding funding to install new bins, and then, on an ongoing basis, extending the rounds to empty them, is not a priority.

Encouraging people to take their litter - of whatever variety - 'home' - including dog waste - is often considered a better option.