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Monday, 3 December 2012

Recently Laid Tarmac Surface - Combe Down Tunnel and Lyncombe Vale

Frank’s low quality (operator error on camera setting) 3 x speed video of Combe Down Tunnel surface …. 

…. and Mark’s high quality video of the Lyncombe Vale surface


Matthew Holbrook said...

Thanks Frank

Colin Piper said...

Very concerned by the high security fencing being put up by the viaduct, it spolils the beauty of the line and feels like a prison. Please remove it before you open.

Mark A said...

Colin, the Two Tunnels group, concerned at the fencing of that stretch, has discussed this at some length with Sustrans - they advise:

'As part of the land negotiations to acquire a stretch of land to the south of Combe Down Tunnel, the agreement reached with the landowner required Sustrans to erect fencing around the edge of his property. Whilst it is clearly something that Sustrans would rather not have had to have done, it has been necessary as part of the final negotiations agreed with the landowner'.

bedseller said...

I have looked at the area from the combe down tunnel to the tucking mill viaduct and am dismayed by the fencing. I take on board the note about the fence around the edge of the land. However a fence is in place on the track bed and another is being put in place at the edge of land that the trackway runs through. Why put up two fences ? The fence on the viaduct is so far from the edge that any sense of enjoyment of looking over the edge is lost. Is the fence there to stop people jumping off ? If it is people will still manage it if they are serious enough. Over all what should be a pleasent walk in the country is now a depressing walk on a narrow track between chain link fences.