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Saturday, 30 April 2011

A chat with our Sustrans Project Manager, Paddy Tully

Paddy Tully and Frank Tompson shared an informal chat about the scheme (Just click on the link)

An opportunity for people to see Paddy (pictured left) 'in the flesh' and for him to talk about some of the challenges and achievements alive in the Two Tunnels Project.

(Dome Room in the Guildhall following the 27 Apr 11 Steering Group meeting.)


Matthew Holbrook said...

Thanks for doing this Frank.

tony heaton said...

hi just want to know if there has been any more progress

tony heaton

franktompson said...

Hi Tony,

There is currently no construction going on so nothing to add to the blog at present. However lots of planning is going on in the background.

The next blog item will probably be something on the construction of the abutments for the two new bridges in a few weeks time, and a bit later the bridges themselves being lifted into position.

Following the Fri 8 Jul 11 Steering Group meeting I'll issue a newsletter to the Two Tunnels Yahoo supporters group, so if you're signed up to that you'll get a better general overview of what's happening.



water damage Littleton CO said...

Hi Frank,
How long has it been since there is an update to this? Can you post a link to find where I can see it?

franktompson said...


Apologies there has not been a blog post for some time. There is a bureaucratic issue with the utilities company that owns a gas main pipe that runs close to where the bridge abutments will be built. Once this has been resolved - hopefully soon - and work starts on the earthworks and abutments - we'll make another blog post.