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Thursday, 27 January 2011

First section of Linear Park now open!

A short walk from Devonshire Tunnel to Hiscocks Drive bridge (Just click on the link above)


raven said...

A great landmark in the Two Tunnels Project, environmental transport campaigners getting excited about tarmac?
Lets hope the momentum keeps up - bridges next - then the tunnels - viaduct - job done!!
I cant wait for this dream to become a reality - good work, well done to the Two Tunnels Group.

Anonymous said...

It looks a vast improvement on the usual British cycle route. If it's like that all the way it'll be absolutely marvelous.

Next stop, bring the Colliers Way up to the same standard!

Matthew Holbrook said...

Thanks Frank. It's good to see the first stretch open.

Worthing Wanderer said...

It's all looking very exciting. Keep up the good work folks!