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Thursday, 23 September 2010

New bridges over Dartmouth Avenue and Monksdale Road - Drawings

Drawings of the new bridges which will be used in support of the planning application for their construction, and due to be submitted shortly by Sustrans, are attached in pdf format.

Dartmouth Avenue bridge

Monksdale Road bridge


Find a link to the planning applications themselves from the Bridges page on the Two Tunnels web site.


John Yeo said...

Thanks for the information, Frank. as an S&D purist it would be nice to see them in Prussian Blue . . . No, green's great. It will be brilliant just to have them re-instated.

Rob said...

Is this site not being updated any more? Some kind of problem?

Mark A said...

Hi Rob. We focus the Two Tunnels blog on construction news only - though this item on the bridges is a bit of an exception, it's here because it's important to publicise them.

Since the work to the cutting to Devonshire Tunnel which completed in early April, there's actually been 9 months with no physical work to the route - there's been preparation for the next phase(s) though, the first of which is now booked for the new year - as soon as weather permits.

Hence, notices advising of the start of this next phase have gone up along the length of Linear Park.

One of the management processes for the route's construction are the regular steering group meetings between Bath and North East Somerset Council, Sustrans and ourselves, notes from which we carry on the main 'Two Tunnels website'. The notes from December's meeting went up there yesterday and give an impression of the impending progress.

I hope this makes things clear that the Two Tunnels route is very much on the way.

Best wishes

Mark A

Rob said...

My comment really stems from the line about an update re planning reference which has never appeared after being mentioned, and lack of explanation about no work in December which was, I think, the original plan.

No physical work doesn't mean no work obviously. But flagging no work can be taken as meaning 'no work'.

Mark A said...

Ah, thanks, spotted it now, we'll amend the blog post.