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Monday, 19 April 2010

Northern Link to the Bath to Bristol Railway path

Slightly off topic as construction of this section is some way off, but Rob was enquiring about getting to and from the Bath to Bristol Railway path across the Lower Bristol Road. As this is something that has had little exposure I thought it might be worth a posting, albeit well in advance of any work starting. (nb - this section will be managed by B&NES as part of the Bath Transport Package (BTP) which is currently held up by legal challenges over the compulsory purchase elements of the Rapid Transit Route. If BTP funding were withdrawn as a result then this section would need to be funded from the annual Government transport grant which cannot be guaranteed. So, we await developments.)

Access would be via Inverness Road, which runs into Burnham Road.

Above is part of a draft plan produced by The Council Highways Dept (with my additional scribbling). It shows:
  • Where Burnham Road joins the Lower Bristol Road, a widened [shared use] footway/cycleway would be created towards Jews Lane to the west.
  • The current ‘Pelican’ crossing would be upgraded to a ‘Toucan’ crossing.
  • The short section on the northern side of the road to Fieldings Road bridge would become a [shared use] Footway/Cycleway.
  • The Fielding Road Bridge would then give access across the river to the Bath to Bristol Railway path.
Assuming this becomes a reality B&NES is to be congratulated on providing an excellent link between the two paths.

Another link into the city centre via the Western Riverside Development has also been discussed but is a bit more complicated and no plans are yet in place.

Note also the Herman Miller building that runs along the length of this section which LIDL has applied for planning permission (Reference 09/02140/FUL) to turn into one of their stores. Well done them in placing a bike store at the western end of the proposed building, thereby making life a little easier for cyclists. It has also been requested that, if the planning application is successful, the company should site any refreshment facility at the western end of the building to provide easy access to the many hungry and thirsty pedestrians and cyclists passing by!


Rob said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the info.

Chris Leahy said...

Great news, but would be even better were they to use the old alignment and bridge across the Avon. I guess that's been set aside for the BRT.

John Yeo said...

Interesting information; thanks, Frank.

Anonymous said...

I am fully in support of measures to link the two paths. But surely all that's needed is a little signage? Cyclists can negotiate 200 yards of the Lwr Bristol Rd (not Upper as stated in piece) and turn right into Fieldings Lane? If not, they can use the existing pelican crossing to help cross the busy road. Why does this need work / upgrades? I don't understand!

Mark A said...

@Anonymous: indeed, experienced cyclists will be fine with the existing connection.

Looking at other groups of users, they'll find useful a range of enhancements from rock solid signage to the connection being less of an obstacle course for people in wheelchairs. Hopefully it can also be made more pleasant throughout.

It would be good if the Two Tunnels route catalysed improvements for people on foot who cross the Lower Bristol Road at the Windsor Bridge traffic lights on the Royal Oak side of the junction - both road traffic and pedestrian arrangements there leave room for improvement.