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Saturday 8 February 2014

Path Opening Event - 6 April 2013

Re-live 6 April 2013 or see what you missed when some 8,000 people joined together on a beautiful spring day to celebrate the route's opening, with Dominique Doering's video.

Network Rail Bridge Works - Feb 14

As part of ongoing works to continuously improve the route the bridge over the mainline railway is being re-opened. Work has started with concrete being laid on the deck to ensure a structurally sound and smooth access across the former S&D structure, avoiding the adjacent road bridge. Opening planned about end Feb 14.
YouTube video

Thursday 30 January 2014

Lower Bristol Road Footway Widening create access from the Bellotts Road (Network Rail) Bridge and the Riverside Path via Fieldings Road Bridge, the footway on the south side of the Lower Bristol Road required widening, and to be designated as 'shared use' for pedestrians and cyclists. BathNES Council has conducted the work. Shared use awaits the upgrade of the Pelican Crossing to a Toucan Crossing. Click on the image for YouTube video